Mutseniece shared the secret of good mood

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The actress regularly practices this exercise.

Agatha Mutseniece admitted that she had found a way to turn her head away from bad thoughts. The actress shared her secret Telegram channel.

“Here’s food in the car after sports. And, as you know, during sports, blood flows to the brain and thoughts become clearer, “- said Agatha.

In a conversation with PopCornNews doctor Irina Yartseva also notes the benefits of physical activity:

“Physical activity allows you to turn off the brain during exercise, meanwhile, the load on the head is removed, and she rests”

According to the expert, the older a person is, the more his body needs sports:

“It is important for people over the age of 35 to experience cardio. It’s like training for the heart and blood vessels. For women – it’s plastic, zumba, yoga. Contact sports are important for men. This is basketball, hockey, boxing, volleyball, tennis.

Irina advises when choosing physical activity to listen to your body and choose the load to your liking.

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