Mutseniece saw herself on TV in a mini and became furious

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Agatha Mutseniece tries to get away from the complexes, but she fails to do so.

“Grandma's knees!  Terrible legs! ”: Mutseniece saw herself on TV in a mini and became furious
Agatha the Martyr. Photo: Global Look Press

The star of the series “Closed School” Agatha The martyr recently discussed in her telegram on the subject of complexes, offering her subscribers to love themselves as they were created by nature and circumstances.

“How damn important and right it is to love yourself the way you are: with pimples on your chin, bitten lips, glasses and a wet head, because you are you! And that’s it! Nothing in this world is like you! You are unique in your “I”! And every flaw (as it may seem) is really a virtue! ” – wrote the artist.

However, on her YouTube channel, she honestly admitted that she still can’t fully accept herself with all the features of her appearance. She is especially annoyed by her own legs.

Recently The martyr revised the program of the First Channel “Voice. Children “, in which the stylists gave her a mini-skirt, and remained very dissatisfied with their data.

Dmitry Nagiyev and Agata Mutseniece in the show “Voice. Where are you”. Photo: still image First channel

“It was Grandma’s knees! Terrible legs, just awful, ”she said leading.

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