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Musicgram: Russian stars are preparing their own social network. What is known

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Valeria together with her partners Anna Akhmedova and Evgenia Terentyeva are preparing to launch their own social network.

Musicgram will unite representatives of the Russian creative industry. Valeria’s husband (Iosif Prigozhin) noted that when creating a social network, they will take into account all the “positive and negative experiences” of existing sites.

A feature of the development will be the lack of pictures of the ideal life, which “make users feel inferior, unsuccessful and unnecessary.” The novelty is promised to be launched in the next 2-3 months.

This is not the first Russian social network, projects are also being discussed now.Rossgram“(Not launched on the appointed date),”Sadness»And application Now (operates in beta).

I want to see the “new creation” of Russian celebrities faster, but so far only the name and e-mail are available on the site.

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