Music against the language of criminal aggression and unscrupulous lies

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Last weekend, the whole world was surrounded by horrific footage of photo and video chronicles from the cities near Kiev, liberated by Ukrainian troops after almost a month of Russian occupation. The streets of civilians appeared before the eyes of the Ukrainian military. Some of them had their hands tied behind their backs, with gunshot wounds to the head. Mass graves, looted houses. “I advise you to look at the mothers of the Russian military. Look at what bastards you raised. Murderers, looters, executioners,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wrote on social media.

Russia accuses Ukraine of “provocation”. Even such evidence is false by the Kremlin.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has been going on for 40 days. A few days ago, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the completion of the first stage of the “special military operation”, after which Russian troops began to move to the Donbass region, where heavy fighting continues. Completion of this “first stage”, which, as Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained, provided for the abandonment of the storming of cities in order to save the lives of civilians, did not cancel the shelling of civilian objects in Ukraine. On Sunday, about 10 people were killed and more than 30 were injured in Kharkiv alone. Ukrainian military expert Mikhail Samus discusses the future strategy of Russian troops.

The list of foreign agents in Russia has been replenished. It is noteworthy that the historian Evgeny Ponasenkov got into it the figure is very contradictory. But announcing him as a foreign agent came as a surprise to many. However, Ponasenkov is proud of his new status.

Evgeny Ponasenkov

Evgeny Ponasenkov

On Saturday A charity concert in support of Ukraine “Eugene Kisin and Friends” was held in Dusseldorf, in which violinist Gidon Kremer and cellists Giedre Dirvanauskaite and David Goeringas took part together with pianist Evgeny Kisin. Tickets to the Tonhalle Concert Hall and a half thousand were sold out in a few days, and the proceeds from them – almost one hundred and fifty thousand euros – will go to buy medicines for Ukraine.

Almost 8 years ago, in September 2014, Gideon Kremer together with his orchestra “Cremerata Baltika” gave a charity concert in support of Ukraine in Dresden. The words he said then in an interview with Radio Liberty are still relevant today.

This time Gidon Kremer performed “Requiem” by composer Igor Loboda, a musician from Georgia living and working in Germany, Ukrainian by father, Armenian by mother. The author used as a musical quote the Ukrainian folk song “Roar and groan of the Dnieper wide.” “Requiem” is dedicated to the memory of those killed in the war in Ukraine. The concert program also included works by Valentin Silvestrov, Dmitry Shostakovich, Eugene Kissin, Frederic Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach, Peteris Wax and John Corillian.

The audience greeted the performers with applause.

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