Musagaliev spoke about the fate of the Game show

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The return of the scandalous project has been waiting for four months.

After the very kiss of Dorokhov with another comedian, “Game” on the TNT channel was closed. They closed, allegedly, temporarily, as the participants of the show said, and the boss of the TV channel himself claimed that the project would return to the screens in the spring. Only now Azamat Musagaliev has made it clear that the prospects for the “Game” are not the brightest.

“Our main highlight has become a problem: it is almost impossible to gather the entire star cast, everyone has their own jobs, shootings, projects,” says Azamat, adding that the shooting was already on the verge of resumption.

In the comment «TV program“The famous comedian said that in the near future the restoration of the” Game “is not expected:

“When everyone was gathered, the coronavirus intervened, it was unsafe for the audience to be in the hall, and it is impossible to present the project without them. That’s why it turned out to be such a vicious circle. But there are things more important, of course, we understand all this. “

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