Mummies, Banksy and “What I see in a puddle”: what exhibitions to go to this spring in Moscow

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“Vanguard: on the cart in the XXI century”

February 3 – May 22 at the Museum of Russian Impressionism

Visitors of the exposition “Vanguard: on the cart in the XXI century” will see works of avant-garde art, which in 1921 remained in the Vyatka province after traveling exhibitions. More than 300 paintings from Moscow, Petrograd, Kazan, Vyatka could not be returned due to funding problems and autumn off-road – as a result, they were stored in local museums for almost a hundred years. The exhibition presents works by Vasily Kandinsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Alexandra Exter and other avant-garde artists.

“From Habakkuk to Agaphia. Heritage of Old Believers »

February 28 – May 15 in the park-museum “Kolomenskoye”

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer and religious figure Archpriest Habakkuk, the museums of the Moscow Kremlin organized an exhibition “From Habakkuk to Agaphia. Heritage of Old Believers ». Among the exhibits that will be presented in the exhibition is the icon “Savior in Power” of 1627-1628. The organizers note that the purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint guests with the personalities of adherents of “ancient piety”, for whom the preservation of faith was the main principle of life.

“Mummies of Ancient Egypt. The Art of Immortality »

March 1 – May 31 at the Pushkin Museum

In full-scale exhibition more than 400 exhibits will be presented about the mummies of Ancient Egypt, most of which were previously available only to specialists. The exposition was prepared within the framework of a joint research project of the Moscow State Museum. A.S. Pushkin and SIC “Kurchatov Institute”. Conceptually, the exhibition is divided into three sections: “Death and Magical Transformation”, “The Tomb – the House of Eternity” and “Mummies are back: a look from the XXI century.”

“What I see in a puddle”

March 13 – April 18 at the Bogorodskoye Gallery

Above the exhibition “What I see in a puddle” people with mental disabilities worked. In the first hall, visitors will be able to feel in the place of a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who gets into a city with busy streets. In the second hall it is offered to understand the inner feeling and attention of a person with an autism spectrum disorder.

“Find Banksy”

March 17 – August 14 in the 21st pavilion of the VDNH

At the exhibition “Find Banksy” More than 150 authentic copies of paintings and sculptures by the most mysterious street artist, whose identity is still unknown, are waiting for guests. The exhibition is presented in several topics: militarism, consumer society, social inequality, the era of control, environmental protection and the future for posterity. The exhibition ends in a souvenir shop, reminiscent of the Oscar-nominated film Banksy “Exit through the gift shop.”

“Grisha Bruskin. Change of scenery »

March 23 – July 25 in Novaya Tretyakovka

Exhibition of Grisha Bruskin “Change of scenery” will occupy nine halls of the New Tretyakov Gallery. In his works, the contemporary Russian artist uses the metaphor of “Theatrum Mundi” (“Theater of Peace”), where a new era destroys former empires and civilizations, demolishes monuments, erases memory and brings to the fore new heroes. Among Bruskin’s works are a plaster installation “Crowd and Power”, a painting “Monuments” and a collection of bronze mini-sculptures “The Universe on the Table”. They raise the topic of man’s relationship with power, society and cultural traditions. In 2017, this exhibition was presented in the Russian pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale.

“Henry of Semirad. Following the example of the gods ”

April 28 – August 21 in Novaya Tretyakovka

The artist Henry Semiradsky (1843–1902) is one of the greatest representatives of late academism. He is best known for his monumental paintings with complex plots from the history of ancient Greece and Rome. The artist also successfully worked in the genre of chamber idyll, landscape and portrait. On exhibition about 100 works by Semiradsky, as well as works by other masters from Russian and foreign collections in such genres as graphics, painting and sculpture will be presented.

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