Movie premieres: Detective Gerard Depardieu, a film with Bruce Willis and “Moon Knight”

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We tell you what new movies and TV series you can watch this week

frame from the series “Moon Knight”

“Empire V” (a film adaptation of Pelevin’s novel “Empire V”) fell out of the schedule of film releases (perhaps forever), leaving viewers not much chance to go to the cinema. However, there are still movies. There are also TV series.

In the movies

“Megre and the Mysterious Girl” (16+)

Screen adaptation of another work by Georges Simenon. Now one of the smartest directors of our time, Patrice Leconte (“Girl on the Bridge”). In the role of the great detective – Gerard Depardieu, who was perfect for the role. Of course, fans of dynamic plots in the film will fall asleep quickly. A movie for those who want to seek the truth and enjoy the atmosphere.

Young Louise is killed in the heart of Paris. She is found in an evening dress. There is no evidence. Suspects too. Megre takes up the cause, who is instantly imbued with sympathy for the murdered. The investigation is difficult without any clues, but the law enforcement officer does not think to give up. For him, it is now a matter of honor. And Megre is terribly tired of everything and wants peace.

“The Last Coming of the Devil” (18+)

Director Alejandro Hidalgo brings back the horrors of demons and exorcism. A colorful movie in which make-up artists worked hard and successfully, lights were set up, special effects were selected, but the script was still weak.

At the center of the plot was Peter Williams, a priest from the United States who now works in Mexico and is considered almost a saint by the parishioners. Many years ago, the priest performed, to put it mildly, not the best rite of exorcism, succumbing to temptation. The demon did not disappear, he waited for the opportunity to return for 18 years. Evil challenges Williams again, but he will not be able to retreat or escape.

“The Maid’s Novel” (18+)

Eva Hasson’s British-German drama is a biopic about a writer who has never been. The main advantage of the tape is the incomparable accuracy of the frame and the beauty of the costumes. Everything else seems to be in the red. The story stretches, distracted by unnecessary embellishments. And here play first-class stars – Olivia Coleman and Colin Firth.

The British celebrate Mother’s Day. The servant got a day off. Maid Jane serves breakfast to the Niven family and then rides a bicycle to the fields. Niven has a snack and plans to meet with another couple. These families are united by one sad fact – the war took away almost all of their children, giving only loneliness. However, a few offspring still remain, and they are gradually preparing for the wedding.

Siege (18+)

Oh, how unlucky the great Bruce Willis is. The media write that the actor is terminally ill, and “Golden Raspberry” gives the artist a separate award, which lists all his worst films of recent times. And Edward Drake’s tape was there too. What can you say here, this is probably the best commercial for an action movie with the star of “Hard Nut”.

Willis plays a former New York City police officer who has seen a lot of blood and pain. He now works as a sheriff in one of the towns of Georgia. Here crime is minimal. This, of course, for a while. A petty hooligan comes out of prison, who immediately gathers a gang and takes a hostage of a successful doctor living in the wilderness. Willis, of course, will deal with this problem.

“Grandma” (16+)

Strange Russian comedy by Nikita Vladimirov, which may be interesting for the appearance in the frame of famous and good artists. Olga Volkova and Sergei Migitsko are a great option to watch. But do not rush, because “Babok” with humor is difficult, and with meaning – even worse.

Those who take the risk will follow the adventures of a lonely and grumpy pensioner Evgenia Vasilyevna, from whom a robber took her pension right on the street. The guy was caught, and the mother of the attacker decided to become the girlfriend of an elderly woman. Then more, the police, bandits and a brothel intervene. All this madness ends with the opening of a brothel right in the apartment of Eugenia Vasilyevna.

“Loss and mystery of the magic pyramid” (6+)

Italian animators have released a funny project in which unnecessary things have become heroes. The inhabitants of the landfill, creating another world that people will never notice. The plot is simple – the company of these “details” will go in search of the Magic Pyramid, a magical place that will once again remind of the importance of everyone in this world. Naive, but fictional characters may appeal to young viewers.

“Hide and Seek” (18+)

Joel Moore’s social horror starring Jonathan Reese Myers is released. The tape is that your home will never be a fortress again, and the difference between the lives of the poor and the rich. There is no critique of capitalism, only a frightening and atmospheric history that can drag on. And by the way, this is a remake of the Korean film of the same name, which came out almost ten years ago.

Noah is a rich man who inherited the family business. He has a great family, but problems with his brother, who lives in some slums in New York. A strange and gloomy place from which Noah must bring his relative’s things. Once in the house, a solid man sees “reality” for the first time in his life and begins his own descent into hell.


“Thirst for Revenge” (18+)

Portuguese action-confusion, where there are even too many comedic notes. A stern former cop tries to solve his brother’s murder by announcing the hunt for one of the city’s most dangerous criminals.

Adventurers (16+)

A carefree movie from Italy, which is, of course, about love. Several completely different women, united only by a passion for poker, go to a card tournament that can change their lives.

“Memories from the future” (16+)

A solid Korean crime thriller about a girl who lost her memory after a head injury. Next to the patient is only a caring husband who does not want to tell Su-jin some “details” of her past.

TV series

“Anonymous Detective” – Russian detective about one of the best detectives in St. Petersburg, Oleg Rubtsov, who fell into disfavor with the authorities because of a bad habit. Now the hero needs to train the son of a prominent Moscow general who has just graduated from the Institute of Internal Affairs.

“Moon Knight” – Oscar Isaac traveled to the Marvel universe to play Steve Grant – a store employee who suffers from memories of “another” life. In it he received the superpowers of the moon god of Ancient Egypt. Another superhero.

“Slow horses” – Harry Oldman in the series is a rare event. Spy drama from Apple TV + about the intelligence department, where all failed agents are sent. So was River Cartwright. But he will definitely get better.

“The Girl from Plainville” – Hulu is also releasing a promising series about real stories about Michelle Carter, who was convicted in 2017 for inciting the suicide of her ex-boyfriend. SMS and calls became weapons.

“Baths of New Rome” – Madflix’s crazy fantasy, made in anime style. The story is about the talented architect Lucius, who decides to reconstruct the public baths of ancient Rome. The new font is able to transport the heroes to modern Japan.

Good luck! Watch only good movies and TV series.

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