Morgenstern responded harshly to Face’s interview, calling the rapper a hypocrite

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Morgenstern responded sharply to a Face interview.  He accused the rapper of hypocrisy and betrayal of fans

Rapper Alisher Morgenstern reported on hip-hopper Face (Ivan Dremin), who criticized his video “12” in an interview with journalist Yuri Dud. In his video appeals, the Cadillac artist accused the musician of hypocrisy and betrayal of fans – Face left the country, depriving Russian streaming services of their tracks.

IN interview on the YouTube channel “vDud” rapper Face (real name – Ivan Dryomin) walked on clip “12” by hip-hopper Alisher Morgenstern, in which the showman said he wanted friendship between Ukraine and Russia. According to Dryomin, the singer of the track could not express his protest against the special operation in the song, but simply called for peace.

I despise all “Leopold Cats” and do not consider full-fledged anti-war statements that sound in the spirit: “If only there was no war.” <…> This is not a statement now. <…> You either speak directly or you better keep quiet.

Face criticized the finale of the video, in which the voice message of the mother of Morgenstern’s friend Vladislav Palagin was heard – the rapper considered it inappropriate that Alisher used the story of a beatmaker from Ukraine in his creative “statement”.

The ending seemed a disgrace to me. <…> How can you, beatmaker Palagin, a man who is Ukrainian, give such a monster the voices of his mother, over whom bombs fly, so that he [Моргенштерн] in his incomprehensible statements he inserted this at the end.

Morgenstern responded sharply to a Face interview.  He accused the rapper of hypocrisy and betrayal of fans
Screenshot of the interview with Face

The author of the track “Humorist” also suggested that Alisher is cooperating with the Russian authorities and can easily agree on his return to the country. Therefore, in his opinion, the rapper speaks about the special operation carefully.

You know, he is [Моргенштерн] expects him to return soon, apparently by making such a statement. Otherwise, he would make statements about how things really are, in my opinion.

Morgenstern’s answer did not take long – in his telegram channel rapper recorded a series of videos in which he insulted Face’s position, urging him to look at the world more broadly.

Vanechka. <…> You see the world flat, in 2D. Here you have either black or white – the other is not given. This [чушь] stupid. You have to look at the world from all sides, you know? You are either bad or good.

In the videos, Alisher accused the hip-hopper of hypocrisy and cowardice. According to the Cadillac performer, Face has left the country and condemns the authorities for not being able to perform in Russia.

You announce that you are resuming concert activities, negotiating, somehow trying to agree to perform. And when you realize that [фиг] you will be allowed to speak [уезжаешь] and you start watering: “Oh, what a bad government.” Horror, disgusting.

The rapper also suggested that Ivan Dremin did not express his political position for a long time, because he hoped to resume concerts in Russia.

“I was silent for a long time.” Why were you silent for a long time? Because I thought that concerts would be allowed. That’s why you were silent for a long time. Disgusting – spat into the camera hip-hopper.

Morgenstern singled out Face’s decision remove all tracks from Russian streaming services – Hip-hopper considered such an act a betrayal of the audience from Russia, for whom the music of the idol is now inaccessible.

About tracks, I’m generally silent. You gain an audience of your devotee fans who love your music, and you deprive them of the opportunity to listen to your music. Great, ”Alisher clapped sarcastically.

At the time of writing, hip-hopper Face did not comment on Morgenstern’s remarks.

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