Morgenstern on Face interview: “I always loved him and didn’t notice that he was really stupid”

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Ivan Dremin (real name Face – StarHita) left the country for political reasons. He does not hesitate to say what worries him, even if it contradicts the opinion of the majority of the country’s population. During the conversation with the journalist, the rapper talked about power, emigration, the future, as well as the actions of Morgenschetrn.

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It will be recalled that he has been living in Dubai for several months to perform the hit “Cadillac”, where he flew after the words of the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. At the same time, he does not hide, constantly gets in touch and even started a Telegram channel, turning it into a media outlet. In all this, Face sees a cold calculation. “Yes, this should not be the case, musicians should not leave the country because they are singing something. So what kind of drug dealer is Morgenstern? But at the same time I have a controversial feeling about him. He is one of those people who can agree with everyone, “said the singer of the hit” Burger “.

Face gave a new interview

Face gave a new interview

Face acquaintances said that he started the platform for statements not just like that, but with the support of the famous political scientist Kristina Potupchik. Allegedly, in the future it can help him advance not only his musical but also his political career. “I can believe it,” Face told Dudu.

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Morgenstern watched an interview with a colleague in the shop and hurried to refute his words, first writing a text message: “I always loved Face and did not notice that he was really stupid.” And then he recorded a video where he blew the musician to pieces: “Vanechka, it’s time for you to stop eating mushrooms. You see the world flat, in 2D. You have either black or white – the other is not given. And this bullshit is stupid, the world must be seen from all sides. You announce that you are resuming concert activities, and when you understand that they will not allow you to perform, you start watering everyone. I’m generally silent about the tracks, “Alisher said.

The musician spoke unflatteringly about Morgenstern

The musician spoke unflatteringly about Morgenstern

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