Morgenstern criticized the interview of the rapper Face, in which he spoke about the shame for Russia: “Disgusting!”

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Rapper Morgenstern (real name – Alisher Valeev), who is now in Dubai, commented on a new interview with the outgoing Russian rapper Face (real name – Ivan Dremin), which he gave to Yuri Dudy. In a conversation with a journalist, Face said that he was “ashamed of Russia and all of us,” and also condemned those who do not express a clear position on the special operation in Ukraine. To those who did not make a full-fledged, in his opinion, anti-war statement, Face included Morgenstern, considering his clip “12” insufficient to express condemnation.

Morgenstern in his telegram channel responded to a colleague’s interview.

He always loved Face and didn’t notice that he was really stupid. Pity,

Morgenstern wrote.

The rapper then shot several videos in which he revealed his position, commenting on Dremin’s decision to remove all his tracks from Russian streaming platforms.

You announce that you are resuming concert activities, and when you realize that you will not be allowed to perform, you start watering everyone: “Oh, what a bad government!”. On tracks I am generally silent. You gain an audience and deprive it of the opportunity to listen to your music. “I was silent for a long time …”. And why were you silent for a long time? Because I thought that concerts would be allowed, that’s why you were silent for a long time. Disgusting, ugh!

Morgenstern said emotionally, spitting into the camera.


Vanechka, it’s time for you to eat mushrooms. You see the world flat. Here you have black or white. The other is not given. The world must be seen from all sides. You are either bad or good. You are no different from categorical people who chase with the letter Z. Only you chase with the letter D,

Said Morgenstern.

The singer of the hit “Cadillac” also reacted to the rumors that Face shared during the interview: allegedly a telegram channel “Not Morgenstern”which the rapper launched at the beginning of the year as a “free and progressive media”, is supervised by blogger and political scientist Kristina Potupchik, who was associated with the pro-Kremlin Nashi movement.

We open a new section. Author’s column by Kristina Potupchik,

Morgenstern wrote.


It will be recalled that the rapper himself left Russia before the start of the special operation. He moved to Dubai late last year following allegations of drug trafficking by Alexander Bastrykin. In March of this year, the record company Warner Music Group, with which Morgenstern collaborated, announced a temporary cessation of work in Russia in protest against its actions in Ukraine.

Morgenstern has not yet commented in detail on his possible return to Russia. The rapper’s tour schedule for the near future includes two concerts in Russia – performances in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk are scheduled for May, but whether they will take place is still unclear.


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