Morgenstern and Dima Bilan receive New Radio Awards

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Oleg Gazmanov unexpectedly appeared on the list of winners.

The New Radio AWARDS 2022 award ended in Moscow. Named winners in all nominations.

This year the event was held online. Klava Koka, Niletto and other pop stars were invited guests at the awards.

Singer Zivert received the coveted statuette. According to radio listeners, Niletto became the best artist. The winners of the award in other nominations were Klava Koka and HammAli & Navai.

Last year’s best album award went to rapper Morgenstern with the double release MillionDollar: Happiness and MillionDollar: Business. Dima Bilan became the best artist. Veteran of pop variety Oleg Gazmanov was included in the list of the best among the young stars, he was awarded for his contribution to the development of music.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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