“Morbius” started in the United States twice as bad as the first “Venom” against the background of devastating reviews from critics

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The film topped the box office, however will not success for Sony.

Quiet start of “Morbius”

Morbius, which Sony has endured for two years due to the pandemic, will start in the United States with $ 39.1 million over the weekend. For comparison, the first “Venom” started with 80 million, and its sequel – with 90 million.

The worldwide box office of the picture so far is 84 million with a budget without marketing of about 75 million. “Morbius” is much cheaper than most superhero blockbusters, but given the cost of marketing, the picture may not pay off or simply go to zero.

Earlier critics defeated the film, however, the audience accepted it warmer – on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes the average rating of viewers is 65% and 69% respectively. At the exit of the hall, the audience rated the film as “three plus” – it has “C +” on CinemaScore.

Morbius has no chance of a serious endurance – the sequel “Sonic” and the sequel to “Fantastic Creatures” will soon take the audience’s attention.

Other movies

  • «Batman»With Robert Pattinson passed the mark of 700 million dollars of world fees with a budget of 185 million. That’s twice as much as Christopher Nolan’s “Batman: The Beginning,” but the picture probably won’t get to the Dark Knight’s billion.
  • Screening Uncharted reached 373 million world collections, although it cost about 120 million. Apparently, Sony has really launched a new franchise.

What in Russia

Russian car rental keeps afloat Russian animated film about the house “Finnik”. The painting has already raised more than 254 million rubles for lack of alternatives.

“Ancharted” in the absence of other competitors from Hollywood is approaching the mark of 1.4 billion rubles.

Also in the top 5 are two Disney movies take off the rental April 7 – “Mr. Knockout” and “Death on the Nile”.

“Morbius” – who was shown in the scenes after the titles and what it means for the universe Sony

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