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Reviews have appeared online Morbius – a new comic strip Marvelbeing for the most part negative.

Now the picture Sony with Jared Leto starring 37 points on Metacrtitic based on 24 reviews and 20% “freshness” on Rotten Tomatoes on 66 reviews. The film is criticized for its wasted potential and excessive resemblance to a standard superhero story without changing the classic formula. Screen Rant and called her at all “Empty tracing paper” from the best films in this area.
Many reviewers note that Morbius not that it is completely nightmarish – rather idealess and faceless. Some critics added that the story of the doctor who turned into a vampire had a great opportunity to show a mixture of horror and superhero plot, but these concepts remained unrealized.
Some texts mention talented actors who have almost nothing to do due to the low level of the script – we are talking about Jared Harris (“Chernobyl”) and Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”).
With the help of the tape, Sony seems to be trying to assemble again Ominous sixa team of enemies Spider-Man, however, without much success. According to some, the picture simply does not justify its existence, and its only positive thing – short time.

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