Mitya Fomin admitted that fans on social networks want him

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Show «Star under cover»Is a fundamentally new format on our TV. In it, popular artists make up beyond recognition and one day go to work in the most unusual place for them, where all the locations and staff are real.

The channel’s screenwriters come up with a new name and legend for each artist, which must be strictly adhered to.

The task is to hold on to a new job, fulfill the strict requirements of the authorities and stay in the “Stars under cover”.

To share Mitya Fomin, frontman of the legendary band Hi-Fi, and now a solo artist, fell the share of assistant bartender. According to legend, he is Ilyas. The guy kept his smoothie bar in the heart of Kazan, but after the business burned down and family life fell apart, he was forced to start moving up the career ladder from the beginning.

– Recently you had a chance to try yourself in a new profession in the show “Star under cover”. Share your impressions of how you were transformed?

– The transformation was organic. In general, I like to try new professions, and the artist’s activities, fortunately, provide such opportunities. Artists sometimes have a chance to learn more about their abilities, to gain skills in completely different, non-border professions, including such television projects as “The Undercover Star”. This is interesting!

I am an attentive, scrupulous person and always carefully perform requests or assignments. But the fact is that the director of the show set me the opposite task – to be clumsy, slow, interfere, spoil, get the reaction of colleagues. And I performed this task. If I really learned a new profession, I would hardly make such mistakes as in the issue.
I still played there.

– Is your profession easier or harder? What was the most difficult part of your job as a bartender?

– I was an assistant bartender at the smoothie bar. It is difficult – to maintain the recipe, to fulfill the endless hygienic requirements, change gloves and packaging for each customer, to keep up with the timing, which is automatically set for each order of the application for food delivery.
It is difficult and not about me at all.

As for comparing professions, it’s like comparing an egg and a chair. There can be no such comparison, because these are completely different areas of application of knowledge, emotional and physical involvement. In fact, all the work is good. The main thing is to choose your own.

Mitya Fomin. Photo: Muse TV

– What about the attitude of customers? Were there any unpleasant moments?

– Unpleasant moments are due to the fact that you do not know the technology and do not immediately grasp the logistics. Naturally, I forgot something: where the mixer turns on, where the strawberries lie. Man cannot get used to it instantly. Plus, I played along because I understood that it would be funny for the viewers of “Muse-TV” to see how the newly arrived and “thinking nothing” artist copes, but rather, does not cope with the task.

But, of course, in real life they just don’t hire. There are probationary periods, there is a time of practice when a person learns. In a new kind of activity, it is important to train first.

– Recently, you shared that fans sometimes cross borders in an attempt to get your attention. And, in addition to stories with candid photos on social networks, were there any other precedents?

– There were no other bright precedents, but such stories are repeated from time to time. It all depends on the degree of candor in the photos of my posts. The reaction is instantaneous. Instaepistolary correspondence is established with some of the subscribers I haven’t even seen.

If a person follows me, understands that I can’t always answer, and patiently responds to some of my stories – such people arouse my sympathy. But I deny any demand for answers. I can sometimes like and, if people like it, I can sometimes communicate.

By the way, there are often provocations. Different messages or photos come, they try to divorce me for some ambiguous answer or reaction. But I’m not.

Mitya Fomin
Mitya Fomin. Photo: social networks

– What else do they write in personal messages on social networks? Are you also told the fable “I have a child from you”?

– It happens. But most often they offer to join the giv, where “the last place is left, it is very profitable”, because “the participant accidentally flew”. They are still putting pressure on the sick and calling for charity, but here the conversation is short. I can’t check everyone and send people to the funds we work with and where they can be targeted. And in the direct they ask for money for a great life, and completely different amounts.

They write: “I have something, I need money. I’ll give it away as soon as possible. ” I just want to look at people who expect someone to send them something.

– Many celebrities have recently left Russia, some on vacation, some on business, but all promise to return. Didn’t you have any plans to leave the country?

– I do not know about the others, I will answer for myself. I’m in Moscow. I am engaged in my daily artistic activities, I plan to release new songs. This weekend he was on tour in Togliatti at the beauty contest “Miss Russian Radio”. I am preparing for a solo concert in Moscow on April 8. In the club “16 tons” we will perform a drum show, I invite everyone to take a break from urgent matters, listen to favorite songs and meet spring together.

Mitya Fomin
Mitya Fomin. Photo: social networks

– Russia will not take part in Eurovision this year. Do you think our performers will be able to return to the international music competition or the path will be closed forever?

– It seems to me that, in addition to Eurovision, there are much more important questions now, to which we must find answers together. If each of us is responsible for what we are responsible for, I believe that the answers will come much faster.

– Now social networks are blocked. Is this a big loss for you?

– So far it has hardly affected me. Social networks, which remain the main ones for me, still work. Messengers too. In addition, I have accounts on Russian platforms – “Yandex.Zen”, “VKontakte”, “Classmates”.

If something is blocked, it means to retrain for other ways of communication. After all, no one canceled phone calls. It will be a pity to suddenly lose YouTube, because the channel has collected all the major milestones of my artistic history. But, then, there will be alternatives.

Watch the show “Star undercover” with Mitya Fomin tomorrow at 17:00 and Wednesday at 20:00 on “Muz-TV”!

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