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Angelica Varum suddenly disappeared from the radar for fans.

People sounded the alarm after the popular singer stopped communicating. Fans were excited by the fact that the honored artist last posted on her Instagram page a post in the midst of the New Year holidays – since then, the singer has not heard or heard.

It is worth noting that most of all the fuss about the disappearance of Leonid Agutin’s wife was caused by those who did not like the fact that the singer did not express her opinion about the special operation in Ukraine, where, in fact, Varum was born. However, yesterday Varum finally decided to break the silence and admit what her abrupt departure from social networks and such a long lull are connected with.

“I was silent for a long time …” Angelica began her address.

She admitted that her age has already reached a period when she does not want to shout out her position on certain issues in order to earn points in the light of current events. However, the singer told fans that any situation must be analyzed – what she has been doing in recent days, closely following the news. Varum, knowing that the leaders of Ukraine and Russia had recently held talks that should continue one of these days, urged them to do so as soon as possible.

We will remind, earlier the actress in one of interviews made a confession about a deadly disease she had been diagnosed with her father. In Russia, the man failed to receive proper treatment, so the star sent him abroad.


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