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Misfortune came to Kirkorov’s family – News

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Bedros Kirkorov, the father of the Russian pop king, was hospitalized on April 8. He was diagnosed with heart complications from Covid-19.

According to available information, the 89-year-old patient was taken to the hospital named after AA Vishnevsky. Condition – severe. According to cardiologist Yuri Serebryansky, there is a chance to put even an elderly man like Bedros Kirkorov on his feet. However, according to the doctor, people die of heart problems and are much younger.

As for the “star” son, Filip Bedrosovic hopes for his father’s recovery: “Now my main concern is the health and life of my father. I believe that he will recover. And will take the most important place in the hall on my anniversary. “

At the moment, Bedros Kirkorov is in intensive care, and is receiving all the necessary medical care, according to StarHit.

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