Miro explained the story of Morgenstern’s divorce

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The blogger is sure that everything is not so simple.

The infamous blogger Lena Miro could not get past the story of Morgenstern’s separation from his wife. The writer urged not to believe the words of friends who allegedly confirmed the news of their divorce.

Miro is sure that the discussion of personal life is just an occasion for the rapper to be heard again. After all, after his departure to the UAE, people almost stopped talking about him.

“For a dude whose popularity is built on hype, this Shirnarmass attitude means the end of his career,” the writer explained.

However, there is another reason why Morgenstern will not divorce his wife. Miro also wrote about this in her “Live Journal”.

“Do you remember how Dilara and Alisher’s wedding went? Let me remind you: the collective farm toastmaster, the bride’s ransom, the groom’s suit from someone else’s shoulder, remember. So, people who hold weddings in this way do not part until they give birth to one, two and receive mat.kapital, ”she concluded.

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