Milokhin talked about his connection with Baskov

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The blogger did not forget about the fruitful collaboration with the artist.

Danya Milokhin intrigued fans, hinting at a close friendship with Nikolai Baskov. The ticker shared the corresponding photo on his personal Telegram channel.

In the recording, the social media star posted a photo taken in his own bed. In the frame you can see the yawning Milokhin, but attentive fans noticed the platinum disc “Diko tusim”, which the artist received for a hit with Baskov. According to Internet users, they were touched that the blogger hung a commemorative frame on the wall and still remembers working with Baskov.

“Did I notice Baskov on Dani’s wall alone? How cute it is “,” I envy Baskov, he is in the bedroom with Milokhin every day, “- admit Internet users.

It should be noted that in recent weeks Milokhin has been busy working on the TV series “Class Katya”, which is being shot in one of the schools near Moscow. Gosha Kutsenko and Valeria Astapova became colleagues on the blogger’s set, and the script was written by Olga Frenkel, who also directed the project.

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