Mikhalkov’s daughter told about her father’s call after the series was released

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The youngest daughter of the famous director shot the series “Nomination”.

Nadezhda Mihalkova. Photo:

Director Nikita Mikhalkov’s youngest daughter, Nadezhda, said she cared about her father’s opinion of the series she nominated.

Nikita Mikhalkov
Nikita Mikhalkov. Photo:

“Nikita Sergeevich behaved well. It was very important to me that he didn’t call and say, “Are you crazy?” Because after all, we have respect for each other, it is nurtured, and it somehow brings us all together and reconciles. “

Nadezhda Mihalkova

As Nadezhda Mikhalkova noted, the series she made is her movie. Her position and feelings were heard in it. At the same time, as Nadezhda admitted, Nikita Mikhalkova called her. He said she could let him read the script, “so he can give some good advice,” he said.

Recall that in the series “Nomination” these are two actresses Thane and Vera, who are looking for their place in the world of cinema. Their roles were played by sisters Mikhalkov – Hope and Anna.

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