Mikhalkov praised Andreev for his composure

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As the director noted, the TV presenter is an extraordinary professional.

Nikita Mikhalkov. Photo: Global Look Press

Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov on air “Besogon TV” noted the professionalism and endurance of the TV presenter of the First Channel Ekaterina Andreeva.

Ekaterina Andreeva
Ekaterina Andreeva. Photo: Global Look Press

“I can’t help but answer the endurance and professionalism of host Katya Andreeva. She didn’t even raise an eyebrow. And believe me, this is not a restless hysterical single lady. This is not a CIA agent. But you know what it means to be in the studio during a live broadcast, when it is broadcast on a large state channel. This is a serious matter. It is simply impossible for a person from the street to get there. “

Nikita Mikhalkov

As Nikita noted Михалков, there are people who can commit a crime live. “It shouldn’t be like that,” Nikita said Михалков.

We will remind that the journalist Marina Ovsyannikova broke into studio on the First channel and began to shout political slogans during live broadcast. She received a hefty fine.

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