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Mikhail Tanich’s wife: “Being friends with Pugacheva means obeying her. I’ve always loved independence. “

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It is difficult to overestimate Mikhail Tanich’s contribution to the development of domestic music. The poet wrote dozens of hits that are still popular with listeners. However, fans have no idea that the maestro dedicated all his works to his wife Lydia Kozlova.

“My husband dedicated his songs to me. Misha said: “I try to make every song at the highest level, so that you are not ashamed of me!” You know, my husband often dreams of me. The day before yesterday, for example, I had a dream that we are at our old summer dacha in Latvia, guests will come soon, Misha and I are very much waiting for them, ”the widow shared in an interview.

Of course, the couple’s guests were constantly visited by stars of the first magnitude. They received Kuzmin, Dolina, and, of course, Alla Pugacheva. Hits for the actress were written not only by Tanich, but also by Kozlov. At the same time, she had an exclusively business relationship with the Prima Donna.

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“I’m not a very sociable person, I don’t go to anyone with conversations or suggestions. Alla and I have never been friends. You know, to be friends with Pugacheva means to obey her, I have always loved independence, ”Kozlova stressed.

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Despite the abundance of hits, Tanic never earned fabulous sums. According to the widow, money was not important to the poet. He always thought exclusively of creativity, often embarrassed to ask for royalties for hits.

Mikhail Isaevich died in 2008, but many colleagues still miss him. Still, because the departure of a master of this magnitude is always noticeable. Lydia Kozlova dedicated her life to preserving the memory of her great husband. In an interview for “7 days” she admitted that she remembers Tanich every day.

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