Mikhail Galustyan: “I managed to give my wife a car”

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Mikhail Galustyan and his wife Victoria are raising two daughters: Estelle is 11 years old, Elina is 10, so the artist is well acquainted with the nuances of the relationship between modern fathers and children. His new film “Artek” is just about that – it will be released on April 28. Galustyan also starred in Artek and worked on the film as a producer.

– Only Russian films are currently premiered in cinemas. Have your forecasts for Artek’s rental become more optimistic? Is the industry benefiting from sanctions?

– We expect that in this case, “import substitution” will benefit us. Very few good Russian children’s films are made. Our Artek is a step towards popularizing children’s cinema in the country. Russian paintings about children and for children should be given the green light – to provide state support.

– According to the plot of “Artek”, modern children can not establish relationships with their parents and by time machine get into their Soviet childhood – they find themselves in a pioneer camp. In addition to you, the film also starred other stars whose childhood also took place in the USSR: Jan Tsapnik, Ekaterina Klimova. What is the moral of Artek?

– This is a movie about mutual help, love, about the need to help friends, and children and parents – to solve problems together. I hope that parents will be able to look at their children’s problems differently. And children will better understand their parents.

– Now there is a legislative initiative that can allow children to officially earn extra money from 13 years old. Did you earn extra money in your Sochi childhood?

– As a pioneer I collected waste paper, helped pensioners, veterans. Rabbits were raised in a circle of young naturalists. All this we did, of course, for free. One of my first “commercial part-time jobs” was when I was 13 years old. My boys and I took a ruble from our parents, went to the factory and bought a box of ice cream there. Then they went to the beach to sell ice cream, and with the money they bought two boxes… When he got older, he dug trenches and was a loader. I received pennies, but a lemonade, a popsicle, a trip with friends to the mountains for barbecue was enough.

“I do not stimulate children’s desire to get on the screen”

Mikhail with his wife Victoria and daughters Estella and Elina. Photo: personal archive

– It is more difficult now than before to teach children to respect the work of parents, to understand the price of things, to protect them. How do you solve this problem in your family, how do you explain the value of work and money?

– Unfortunately, my children are no exception, they are also victims of the era of consumption. My wife and I explain that the purchased item must be worn carefully, you need to take care of it, etc. The eldest daughter under the supervision of a teacher is engaged in epoxy – casts figures, puts them up for sale. I talked to her right away, so Estella donates part of the money to charity and saves some. And now she understands that part of the income should always be donated to charity, because there are people who need this money much more.

– Do you give out pocket money?

– Once a week my wife and I give them 500 rubles and say: “You can do whatever you want with this money. Want – spend, want – save.

– It is clear that studying takes a lot of time. But what else are your schoolgirl daughters passionate about?

– The youngest daughter Elina is engaged in “Todes”. She really likes to dance there, she has a well-developed sense of rhythm, she is very musical, so she does well. Elder Estella loves to work with her hands, she is very diligent: she sews toys, collects Lego and, as I said, casts great souvenirs from epoxy. Persuaded Estella to learn to draw on the computer – I liked it.

– Are your daughters asked on TV, do they want to participate in TV competitions?

– I do not interfere, but I do not stimulate such desires. To be honest, I don’t want people to say: “Well, of course, these are Misha Galustyan’s children.” He has never lobbied: “Take my daughter, because it’s me.” If capable – take it, fall short – we will never artificially push the child into the TV.

– Now on TV there is a show “Stars in Africa”, which you host in a pair with Olga Buzova. Do you allow your children to watch this show?

– “Stars in Africa” ​​on TNT comes out at 7 pm, so we watch everything with pleasure. But when “Once in Russia” starts after the screening, I tell them: “And now, kids, goodbye. It’s time to sleep! ”

– Your TV duet with Olga is actively discussed on social networks. You were at her birthday too. What professional and human qualities do you value in it?

– Olechka is a very hard-working girl. She is a holiday person who appears and immediately attracts attention. I can’t say that it is easy for other people to work with Ola, as she is very demanding of herself and her colleagues. But since I’m the same, I’m very comfortable working with Ola.

“Super Zhorik is preparing for summer”

– On vacation, you often visit your parents in Sochi. And the children are happy to go to Sochi, aren’t they bored there?

– With great joy! They love to go to grandma. The sea, the sun, the beach, delicious food, friends – they are not bored. And another grandmother lives in Krasnodar – they also like to go there.

– Your parents have their own house. Is there a farm – animals, chickens?

– During the pandemic, I bought my parents a chicken coop, they started chickens. There is a garden, beds with strawberries, cucumbers and other vegetables and fruits. We go to the apiary. In Sochi, we live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so the neighbors have cows, geese and other animals. Children always have something to do: they help their grandmother and walk.

– And distracted from gadgets. Are daughters tied to social networks?

– Absolutely not tied. The youngest is registered in Likee – there is such a social network for schoolchildren, she needs it for dancing – to watch numbers. Moreover, my children have family access on their phones. This means that I always see where they are sitting in my phone. I freely allow you to download intellectual, educational, logical games.

– You also love to sing, you went to vocal lessons at the beginning of the pandemic for your project “Super Zhorik”. Do you continue? What are the prospects for this hot man?

– Vocal classes are like training in the gym: you stop walking – muscles disappear, come back – muscles appear. Since I had genetically laid down some vocal data, and as a child I went to music school for piano, I just need to warm up the ligaments, exercise a little before the main event (filming, recording, concert), and everything will fall into place places. We are preparing a summer hit and finishing an album for “Super Zhorik”. Clip for the song “Bye! Bye! ” last year ranked third in popularity on YouTube. We were surprised, became interested and found out – this is due to the fact that many children watch and listen to “Super Zhorik”. So let’s continue.

Counselor Mikhail Galustyan reports on the hero Yan Tsapnik in Artek.  Photo: frame from the movie
Counselor Mikhail Galustyan reports on the hero Yan Tsapnik in Artek. Photo: frame from the movie

“I managed to give my wife a car”

– Your wife Victoria has several diplomas of higher education. When she learned to be a psychologist, how did it affect your relationship?

– I stopped asking stupid questions (laughs). We have almost no conflicts, we have everything very well with my wife. She does more psychology for herself, because she is interested in it. Recently, Vika began to master the profession of fashion designer, stylist. I am only for – a person must constantly develop and learn.

– You have 15 years of living together with Victoria this year. What will you give?

– Already gave his wife a car.

– A good gift.

– Yes! After all, we have been living together for 15 years. Fortunately, I managed to buy on time, a few days later the prices for cars rose very much.

– You also recently gave yourself a gift – a new business. Fast food outlets were opened with a well-known restaurateur. Very timely – part of Western fast food is gone, the market is free. Your dad is a cook. Do you have your own recipes on the menu?

– I prefer to talk not fast food, but street food. We realized that we could take a worthy place in this segment, and began to make a wonderful shawarma. There are also my recipes that I have been perfecting for years. It seems to me that now the spirit of patriotism has risen strongly within our country, we have all somehow united. This is manifested in the fact that many have stopped eating in foreign fast food outlets – switched to domestic producers. So we immediately started selling the franchise to different cities. They are interested not only in Russia: here in Armenia, too, they wanted to open a point “Who lulls.”

– You are in great physical shape now. Did you go on a diet?

– I used to be a “snowdrop” – so called people who suddenly go on a diet in the spring and appear in the gym. Now I understand how to follow the appearance with a decent result: you need to control your diet all year round and go to the gym. I keep myself in shape, that’s why I’m so fit and slender.

Personal business

Mikhail Galustyan was born on October 25, 1979 in the city of Sochi. From the 10th grade he is the captain of the KVN school team. He graduated from medical school with a degree in first-class medical assistant-obstetrician. As a student he started playing in the KVN team “Tired of the Sun”, since 2002 – captain. He studied at the Sochi University of Tourism and Resort Business with a degree in history and law.

He became a national hero after filming in the sitcom “Our Russia” (2006 – 2012). He graduated from the Moscow Law Academy. Head of the Federation of Military Tactical Games of Russia. He has acted in more than 20 films. Co-owner of a film company. He is married and has two daughters.

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