Michelangelo’s drawing for $ 33 million – OfficeLife – will be put up for auction

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Michelangelo’s painting will go on sale at Christie’s auction in May. By
information auction house, this is one of the few works of the Italian artist, which is in private collection.

Sell ​​a drawing of the master of the Renaissance is estimated at $ 33 million,
writes CNN. The auction will take place in Paris.

Michelangelo's drawing for $ 33 million will be put up for auction

Photo: Reuters

The picture shows a man from the fresco of 1425 “Baptism of the Neophytes”, authored by the painter Masaccio. According to experts, this confirms that Michelangelo “simultaneously looked back at the works of his predecessors and looked ahead, seeing the revolutionary nature of his own work.”

By the way, this drawing has long been attributed to the work of one of Michelangelo’s students. But in 2019, Christie’s specialist assured everyone that the work is the work of the master himself. The drawing is considered an early work of the artist.

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