Michael Bay on “Transformers”: I thought I made a terrible movie

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Screen Rant Edition communicated with the director of “Transformers”. Michael Bay said that during the test screening of the film he was very worried, and the reviews themselves were mixed.

Bay remembered sitting with the audience during the test show and even then he wanted to give up. The director noted that he asked the audience if they liked the tape. After mixed emotions, Bay was disappointed:

When the directors go to test screenings of the film, I immediately want to send everything to hell. Now I’m watching “Transformers” with my family and I think, “God, it’s just a stupid movie about robots, dude, did you seriously do that?” I remember going to the cinema and asking if the audience liked the movie. After a cool reaction, I thought I made a terrible movie.

The seventh part of “Transformers” called Rise of the Beasts will be released on June 9, 2023.

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