Michael Bay dissatisfied with special effects in his new film: “Look shit”

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Someone may have been pleased with the new film Michael Bay Ambulance, but the director himself is much more critical of his creations. Apparently, there will be no problems with the quality of the action, but only where the tricks were performed live. But things are not so good with computer graphics – at least according to Bay himself.

All these explosions and overturning machines are real. All this is alive, real. It looks very dangerous and can really be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The tricks are mostly real – the film has very little computer graphics. But there is a CGI that looks shitty. There are a couple of scenes that I’m unhappy with.

It is hoped that Bay has not changed much, and most of the film will do without CGI.

Ace Gonzalez, Yahya Abdul Matin II and Garrett Dillahant co-star with Jake Gyllenhaal in the ambulance, and he will hit the big screens on April 8. As usual, not with us.

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