Metropolitan Ioann was critical of Yevgeny Savchenko’s book The Shock

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Metropolitan Ioann of Belgorod and Starooskol mentioned the book “Shock”, which was published in 2021 by Belgorod senator Yevgeny Savchenko in 2021, while congratulating cultural workers on their professional holiday. According to Vladyka, some ideas from this book cannot be accepted.

– There are also critics among us when they question the truth of the path we have chosen, which we have been following for thousands of years. Unfortunately, I read from my dear Yevgeny Stepanovich Savchenko, in his book “Shock”, that Prince Vladimir [Креститель Руси] I was wrong, I didn’t go there. A man who has done a lot for our culture in the area, suddenly becoming a senator, writes such things in his book. There is a lot of everything that cannot be accepted, otherwise you have to give up everything: history, love, in the sense that in which we shared her understanding – as love of God, love of neighbor – with the public Metropolitan John.

Blogger and journalist Vladimir Babin drew attention to the Metropolitan’s speech, followed by a book wrote Mikhail Koinov in his personal telegram channel, and a fragment of John’s speech was published by Belgorod № 1.

Judging by his post, the creator of the public “Belgorod is interesting” Sergei Khakhalev even bought a book that is sold in a gift box and is also accompanied by a CD with an audio version. The preface to the book “Shock” says that it is dedicated to the world order and is addressed to both believers and atheists and agnostics.

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