Meryem Userli suspected of feelings for colleague of “Magnificent Century”

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Her ideal man is suspiciously similar to the on-screen Mustafa.

Meryem Userli answered the question about how she represents her ideal partner, and the description given to her excited the fans of the “Magnificent Century”.

First of all, the actress said that she sees herself in a relationship with a man who will accept her with all the advantages and disadvantages, and will share her attitude to life.

“Besides, I like men with beards and long hair,” Meryem admitted with a laugh. OK!

Fans of the star immediately thought of her colleague Mehmet Gunsur, who played Shehzad Mustafa. The actor often wore his hair long and grew a beard, and also spent many months side by side with Userley on the set.

There is no confirmation of these conjectures. Since 2006, Gunsur has been married to director Catherine Moggio, with whom he has three children. Meryem never married, the star is raising two daughters.

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