Menshova revealed how Galkin was framed

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Both artists were victims of circumstances.

Maxim Galkin was not always the only host of the program “Tonight”, a few years ago he was accompanied by Julia Menshova. The actress soon left the Channel One project and her co-host was suspected of being guilty of it.

Galkin, according to viewers, constantly interrupted Menshov and drew attention to himself. Julia assured that she and her colleague had never competed, in fact, such an impression was created by the editors of the program.

“It’s a matter of editing. To some extent, Maxim was substituted by the fact that he looked as if he did not give me a word to say. And I think that the editorial office didn’t like me, and I was often cut, “the artist explained. Hope Sagittarius.

This is what created the legend that Menshova and Galkin had a bad relationship. The actress noted that she and the co-host were just different: she, imprisoned for the theater, aspired to work in a team, and he thought like a pop man who performs alone on stage.

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