Megan Markle finally severed ties with the royal family

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The actress refused to do charity work in the UK.

In recent months, Markle has sponsored the Mayhew organization, caring for stray animals and helping to develop shelters, but Prince Harry’s wife said on Thursday that she was no longer interested in charity in Britain.

Having conducted only one campaign to raise funds for the needy, Megan Markle seems to be disappointed in this venture, the publication reports. Expressspecifying that the Duchess of Cambridge did not dare to name the reasons of refusal of the patronage.

This decision, according to the press, made Megan Markle meaningless to come to Britain, and also finally severed all ties between the actress and the royal family. Prince Harry, in turn, will continue to do charity not only in Britain but also in the United States, where the scandalous couple now lives.

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