Meeting of two stalkers in the fan movie “STALKER: the heart of an angel”

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The big fan film “STALKER: Heart of an Angel” based on the game universe of the same name has been published. The film begins with a hunt for artifacts, and then grows into a meeting of two old acquaintances.

Gloomy entourage, half-ruins, anomalies, shootings, music, atmosphere – the world of the game is recreated almost perfectly. The film is based on works from the collection “STALKER: Hunters of Happiness” by Alexander Voronenko.

The video cannot be embedded, so watch on this link on youtube.


Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. An incredulous stalker suspects his partner of “krysyatnichestvo”, which is punishable by death in the Zone. The hero tries to believe in the innocence of a friend, but all the evidence against his partner.

Commentators note that the creators did a great job and a great film. The film won an award at the Ninth Festival of Free Cinematographers.

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