Meet Catherine: Miss Dior – a new book about Christian Dior’s sister Vogue Ukraine

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Catherine Dior, the younger sister of Christian Dior, was a gentle, brave and wise person. She was extraordinarily close with her brother, who dedicated his beloved sister the first perfume, and the legendary Miss Dior dress, crowned with flowers – still gaining new interpretations every season. British writer and biographer Justin Picard has revealed the personality of Catherine Dior in her new book Miss Dior.

Often behind the success and popularity of talented people are awe-inspiring and close relationships. So, Christian Dior had a “soul mate”, which inspired him to create the cult perfume Miss Dior and the famous dress in flowers. The name of the inspirer is Catherine Dior.

Catherine was the younger sister of the legendary designer. Justin Picardy, a British writer and biographer, researched the life of Catherine Dior and presented her identity from a previously unknown side. In Miss Dior we meet a strong woman, passionate and romantic, as well as a devoted Frenchwoman who grew jasmine and roses in her garden, loved nature and inspired people around her to appreciate life as it is.

And although Catherine’s personality has been written off from the memories and words of her loved ones since she passed away in 2008 (she was 91 years old), the woman’s influence on the Dior House is noticeable even now. What is the secret of the muse? Justin Picardy tried to reveal this secret in the book.

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