Medvedev was publicly condemned for changing professions

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The athlete decided to try herself as a TV presenter.

Figure skater Yevgeny Medvedev no longer takes part in major competitions. In fact, after finishing her sports career, the celebrity decided to change her profession and try herself as a TV presenter.

As part of one of the issues on the YouTube channel Vogue Russia the silver medalist of the Olympic Games noted that she has a fairly busy schedule and a lot of filming. And if the majority of fans supported the initiative of the two-time world champion, the haters, on the contrary, hit the patient and said that the athlete has nothing to do on television.

TV presenter Olga Spirkina also publicly condemned Medvedev. She admitted that she is annoyed when athletes apply to TV presenters. In a conversation with the correspondents of the portal BLITZ + Spirkina stressed that before working in the frame, Eugenia would not mind learning to read from a teleprompter, as well as learn the main differences between television language and literary.

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