Media: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston started living together

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One of the most famous and beautiful couples in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, broke up 17 years ago, but fans still can’t come to terms with the breakup. The day before, an insider from In Touch said that Aniston and Pitt allegedly met.

Moreover, the lovers, according to the magazine, secretly began to live together in Paris, where the actress arrived to shoot a new film.

Brad flew to the opening of the Charles Ray exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Center. The actors stayed at the penthouse of the Four Seasons Hotel, which costs $ 25,000 a night. However, the star couple is in no hurry to officially tell the press about the resumption of their novel and does not comment on rumors.

Recall that in 2005 Jennifer Aniston officially divorced Brad Pitt. The former spouses admitted that they remained loyal and caring friends, and also noted that they still have respect and great love for each other.

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Later, rumors repeatedly surfaced on the Internet that ex-lovers had reunited. Fans are immensely happy with any hope that Brad and Jennifer will be together again.

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