MDfilm has removed all foreign films from its release schedule

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The distributor’s Russian projects remain on their dates

The film distribution company MDfilm has removed all foreign films from the Russian release schedule until the end of 2022. At the moment, the last foreign project that MDfilm will release for rent in Russia is a cartoon KOATI. THE JUNGLE LEGEND (release June 1). In particular, the film adaptation of the series of video games of the same name left on August 25 BORDERLANDS (Lionsgate Studio), action movie INCOMPETENT 4 (Millennium Studio) left the date of August 4th. Also dropped out of the schedule MY PIRATE WEDDING (Mandeville Films, the film was due out June 29), GHOSTS OF THE PAST (Buffalo 8 Productions, July 14), NOT STARS! (France, 21 July), DOUBLE LOOP (STX Entertainment, August 18) and THE TIGER’S NEST (Italy, January 1, 2023)

At the same time, a representative of MDfilm confirmed to BC that Russian films from the company’s package remain on their dates. On December 8, 2022, the company plans to release a comedy HONEST DIVORCE 2and on December 29, 2022 it should appear in cinemas DISOBEDIENT 2.

“Due to the fact that foreign rights holders have removed from the world release schedule the premieres of films that were previously announced by MDfilm, the company has decided to temporarily remove them from its schedule, starting in July. As soon as the dates are announced by foreign rights holders, they will appear in the company’s schedule. “– commented BC in the company.

MDfilm is one of the largest independent distributors in the Russian market. The company has concluded an output deal with the American studio STX. MDfilm owns the rights to STX films in Russia OPERATION “FORTUNE”: THE ART OF WINNING (directed by Guy Ritchie) and FERRARI (directed by Michael Mann).

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