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Matlyuba Alimova played the role of the gypsy Nastya so convincingly that many believed her and believed that the actress really has gypsy roots. Only the actress herself was born and lived almost all her life in her homeland in Uzbekistan. Matlyuba’s heyday came when she was 25 years old. She was invited to one of the key roles in the series “Gypsy”, where her partner was Mihai Volontir. The failed love of Budulai and Nastya attracted the attention of the audience so much that many thought that there was a relationship between the artists, despite the age difference. But all this was not true, just Matlyuba’s talent was strong, and the energy coming from her breathed life into the movies, making them real.

Filming of “Gypsy” took place during Alimova’s student years. After graduating from VGIK, she was offered many roles in movies and plays, but none of them could repeat the success of “Gypsy”. In the 90’s, when Russian cinema was going through difficult times, the actress realized that it is not worth exchanging for trifles, and left for her homeland. There were attempts to act in the early 2000s, but these roles were less significant, although they demonstrated the unquenchable talent and beauty of Matlyuba. According to the actress herself, it makes no sense for her to play in Russia now, the older generation of people who fell in love with her in “Gypsy” is becoming less and less, and the new generation does not remember or know her, so Alimova does not agree to still received proposals to shoot in this or that film or series.

Matlyuba’s heroine suffered from an undivided love for Budulai, and the actress herself only twice connected her life with men. The first marriage lasted only three years, and the second lasted 20 years, but never received official status at the registry office. Now the 67-year-old actress lives alone in Uzbekistan and is happy to have had bright roles and meetings with amazing people in her life.

Matlyuba Alimova managed to maintain a graceful figure and external beauty without resorting to the wonders of plastic surgery. She does not try to establish new relationships with men, devoting herself to her favorite occupation – design. The former star of Soviet and Russian cinema is remodeling old carpets, decorating them and giving them new life. Matlyuba is also very religious and often spends time in prayer and communion with God.

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