Matisse’s painting was found under a pile of garbage in France: February 23, 2022, 19:39

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An unknown painting by artist Henri Matisse was found in a garbage can in France, reports with reference to TV channel BFMTV.

Auctioneer Jennifer Premier Rolland found a picture of a woman’s portrait in a house in the Var department in southeastern France. The painting was stored in a cardboard box under a pile of garbage.

It is reported that the work was sent for examination to Paris before being exhibited to the public. If the origin of the work is confirmed, it will be the second Matisse drawing accidentally discovered in the region in a year and a half. Earlier in the closet of a house in the Alps of Upper Provence found a collapsed sketch of a portrait of Ellen Mercier, born Princess Golitsyna. Last summer, the work was sold at auction for 220,000 euros.

Henri Matisse is a French artist and sculptor, leader of the Fauvist movement. He worked with portraits, genre paintings, still lifes, cardboards for stained glass and tapestries. He is known for his research in the transmission of emotions through color and form.

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