Master Chief is out of sanctions! Halo action movie to be released in Russia at Amediatek

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In light of recent events, it would not be surprising that all Western content will disappear not only from our cinemas, but also from online platforms. It turned out that this was not the case. A series on the cult game Hello with Pablo Schreiber no one is going to withdraw – its premiere in Russian dubbing will take place, as planned, on March 25 on the domestic digital platforms “Amediateka” and “Kinopoisk” (by subscription Plus Multi).

Futuristic action for the video service Paramount + will tell about the brutal war with the alliance of alien races, where humanity surrenders its position, and the last hope for survival is the SPARTAN-II project, an effective weapon against aliens.

In addition to Schreiber, the series stars Natasha McElhon, Bokim Woodbain, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Kulzach, Kate Kennedy, Charlie Murphy, Olive Gray and Danny Sapani. Showrunners include Stephen Kane (“The Last Ship”) and screenwriter Kyle Killen. Production is managed by Amblin TV and Microsoft / 343 Industries.

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