“Master Chef” Olga Martynovskaya showed a rare photo with her parents: “She looks very much like …”

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As he transmits, Olga Martynovskaya became famous as a talented chef and winner of the third season of the culinary show “MasterChef”.

In his Instagram Мартыновская suddenly showed a family photo. The chef herself, along with her father and mother, shone in the frame. Under the publication, she told how grateful she was for their existence and admitted her feelings.

There are people in my life to whom I am more and more grateful every day. For life, for faith, for love, for inspiration! They are my strength and weakness at the same time. They are a story of great ups and downs and a sincere hope that tomorrow is only better. They are the ones who instill such important meanings in simple things. They are the best grandparents for my Veruna. Dad and Mom, I love you! Sometimes not perfect. Sometimes silently and without reminding about it. But always sincere and strong. Yes, only you could teach me!

Although we saw each other recently, and I’m already writing this card to you and I miss you. Always be“, – shared Olga Martynovskaya.

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Fans have left many comments under the publication: “Good photo”, “Health is strong for them”, “She looks very much like her mother”, “Simple words, but how many are the most important things”, “May God be your parents’ favorite daughter for a very long time to come“Also, this post has garnered more than 2,400 likes in a couple of hours.

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