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Mark Zakharov’s daughter was caught lying: the scandal in “Lenkom” is gaining momentum

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Earlier, the actress accused the management of the stage that she was deprived of roles.

Mark Varshaver, Lenkom’s Khudruk, commented on Alexandra Zakharova’s attacks. According to him, all the statements of the actress can not be considered true.

According to the head of the theater, today the heiress of the famous director plays in four productions, and no one from the administration of the stage can take her job. At the same time, the actress’ colleagues have been complaining about her for a long time and refuse to play with her in some performances, because her character has become very heavy.

“Zakharova is lying. Only how can you lie and lie like that? ” – The celebrity is surprised in conversation with a portal

Warsaw also noted that at the end of the year the actress received the 13th salary paid to her by the theater, but continues to behave “rudely” with other actors. Allegedly, Alexandra Markovna rarely greets her colleagues and considers herself a “value” for the theater, but, according to Khudruk, his troupe has long had more talented artists who are interesting to the audience.

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