Mark Tishman predicted the future of Russia in 2019, as it was

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In his composition “Faces”, the artist talked about blocking the Internet and other events.

Mark Tishman. Photo: Global Look Press

Mark Tishman, a graduate of Star Factory, learned about the imminent blockade of Instagram and hurried to tell his fans that in his song “Faces” in 2019, he described similar events.

“When all the banks close,

When the internet is cut down,

When the oil runs out,

When the lights are turned off,

When all the photos disappear

From Instagram

We will no longer be divided into cities and countries,

When no one is in a hurry,

The world will reveal its history on the last page,

There will be no words –

There will be faces… “- sounds in a song by Mark Tishman.

The artist himself was surprised that he acted as a kind of seer.

“When I wrote this song, I couldn’t think that it would turn out to be prophetic so soon,” he admitted to his followers.

“Yes, no one could think…” The prophetic song turned out to be “,” You’re Wang, Mark “,” Mark! Write a positive spring! The song is deep, but everything will pass, it will pass, too, ”“ I have remembered this song several times in recent days, ”people responded to Tishman’s words.

We wrote earlier about Anton Shastun, whose January interview with Dana Milokhin is also now remembered by people. In a conversation with the blogger, the comedian talked about the closure of social networks and TikTok, Instagram and even McDonald’s.

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