Marina Khlebnikova’s first appearance on television after the fire: “I have a skin lesion”

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Contradictory news about the singer’s condition came every day. Some said that Khlebnikova had an infection of facial tissues and needed an urgent skin transplant, others said that the star was recovering. Fortunately, the positive predictions turned out to be true.

In early January, the singer was discharged from the hospital, however, she did not go home, but to friends. After all, the apartment affected by the fire required major repairs. Now the actress is gradually returning to her usual pace of life. Recently, Marina announced the premiere of a new song, and soon a show with her participation will be aired on Russia 1 channel.

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56-year-old Khlebnikova was a guest of the program “Hello, Andrei!”. There, the star performed his hit “Dodge”, and also talked about how he felt. “I have a skin lesion. I am so grateful that I was saved. I felt the immense support of the people. Thank you, people, ”she shared with Andrei Malakhov.

This is the first appearance of the singer on television after a terrible incident. Fans are glad that Khlebnikova was able to recover and return to the stage. “All earthly goods and good health”; “How good!”; “God bless you,” Web users write.

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Viewers of the show will be able to see their favorite singer this Saturday, April 9. We will remind that the cause of a fire in Khlebnikova’s apartment became an unextinguished cigarette. The singer fell asleep after the tour and did not notice how the fire began to spread rapidly around the house.

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