Marina Khlebnikova came to the TV show for the first time after the fire

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Now the star of the 90’s is gradually returning to his usual way of life. Moreover, she took part in the filming of the program “Hello, Andrew!” channel “Russia 1”. The singer spoke about her health.

“I have a skin lesion. I am so grateful that I was saved. I felt immense support. Thank you, people, “Khlebnikova said.

The actress also performed one of her hits – the song “Rain”. She came on stage in a white jacket and black skinny pants. Host Andrei Malakhov and guests of the studio sang along to Marina and raised their thumbs up. Tatiana Bulanova, Katerina Spitsa and other stars of Russian show business were present in the show’s studio.

Viewers will be able to see Khlebnikova’s interview and speech on Saturday, April 9. This is the first appearance of the artist after a terrible fire in which she almost died. The tragedy was caused by an unextinguished cigarette. The singer fell asleep, not noticing how the fire began to flare up.

In early April, a picture of the artist after the fire appeared on the Internet. Ego published by rapper Russell Ray. The musician said that he was preparing a new track with Marina.

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