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Russian artist of Ukrainian origin, pop singer, poet, composer, music producer. Participant of the third season of the popular show “Mask».


Marie Kraimbreri (real name – Marina Vadimovna Zhadan) was born on August 21, 1992. The birthplace of the future star is the city of Krivoy Rog (Ukraine). Since childhood, the girl dreamed of a solo career on the stage and at the age of thirteen she came up with a pseudonym, which became her calling card at concert venues in Russia and CIS and foreign countries.

The active, musical girl first appeared on the stage at the age of four together with an ensemble dance group, in which she quickly became a soloist. She had to leave her choreographic career at the age of fifteen due to a knee injury. For a while, Marie acted as choreographer and set bright numbers for her team. Today, after several courses of treatment, the artist calmly includes energetic dance elements in her concert performances.

Despite the serious creative potential, Marina Zhadan intended to obtain a profession not related to artistic activities. Immediately after graduating from school, the girl immersed herself in finance and entered the Institute of Business Administration.

Marina tried to write her first poems at school. In 2007, as a fifteen-year-old teenager, she enlisted the support of her older brother and published her first collection of poetry, entitled “Alone with the sky».

In 2011, the girl moved to Moscow to her young man and immediately got a job as a choreographer in one of the production centers. The affair with a loved one was short and rapid. After experiencing her boyfriend’s betrayal, Marie began to think about a career in the vocal field. First of all, she decided to record in the studio of the company where she worked. For this, the actress had to dance for free for a while.

Creative way

The first fame came to the young singer at the age of nineteen shortly after the start of her solo career. Serious success is associated with the release of the single “Can I do without you?». The song quickly became a hit and then for a long time topped the music ratings on social networks. The next big success Marie Kraimbreri became a single «Ocean». All the songs have been played on several radio stations more than a million times.

Marie Kraimbreri in his work he does everything on his own: he writes music and words, and then produces his own compositions. The main theme of her works is filled with heavy memories from her personal life and is associated with betrayal and love.

In 2015, the singer presented a video for the song “Come on forever». The lyrics, music, vocals and release have traditionally been left to Marie herself. The next video was released in 2016. It was the result of a collaboration between Kraimbreri and domestic artist Lx24 entitled “We try to be alone in the city». The product was well received by an army of fans and added popularity to young performers.

On April 7, 2017, the artist released her first solo album entitled “NNKN». It includes thirteen compositions, including one of her major hits.Love me drunk».

The first years of his career Marie Kraimbreri independently promoted her work – songs, poems, music videos and albums. In 2017, she began working with a production company Velvet Music. Among their clients are such famous artists of Russian pop, theater and cinema as Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir Presnyakov, Christmas treegroup «Vintage“Etc. The first results of the joint work of Marie p Velvet Music steel singles «Tusi alone»,«Not adequate»,«I wanted your last name»,«She doesn’t suit you»,«On the tattoo“Etc. All these hits then got into the singer’s new album”I changed my shoes».

In the same 2017, the actress was invited to television and radio, and on November 28, her first “live” solo concert in the capital called “Not adequate: Live in Moscow».

At the end of March 2018, the singer released her second album “I changed my shoes». It includes fourteen songs, half of which were music videos.

2020 presented to fans Marie Krainbrery two more hits – “Ocean»And«She hid in the bathroom». The latter brought her the first award in her career “Golden gramophone». In December, the actress was ranked tenth in the ranking of the most famous domestic pop singers, published in the newspaper “Culture».

March 19, 2021 released the third album of the singer “The whole world will know us, Pt.1“, Which was twice declared platinum. In April, Marie originally celebrated the release, becoming the face of the collection of the Russian clothing brand DNK Russia with the characteristic name “The whole world will know us».

May 15, 2021 singer Marie Krainbrery and rapper ST performed the composition together Together – anthem to the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The performance took place on a virtual platform. The artists worked in Russian, each in his own form of musical creativity.

In June of the same year, Krainbrey took part in the filming of a video for the German singer Tilla Lindemann «I hate children». She played the role of a judge. At the same time, a documentary of the same name was made, where Marie appeared as a stenographer.

In September, the girl released the first soundtrack in her career. Together with composer Ruslan Muratov, she recorded the song “In different worlds“, Which sounds in the second season of the series”Project “Anna Nikolaevna“(In the lead role Zoe Berber).

Another single was released in October “Peter“, Which brought Marie the first Golden Disc career. She was soon included in the list of nominees for the award MTV Europe Music Awards as the best Russian singer.

In early 2022 Marie Kraimbreri began recording her fourth solo album “The whole world will know us, Pt.2». This is a continuation of the previous collection. The process took place in the composer’s studio Alexander Brasovyan (Alex Davia). The material was completely ready by February.

In March 2022, Marie took part in the third season of the popular TV show “Mask». She appeared in the form of a leopard. At the end of the March 27 issue, the singer was declassified and left the project. In farewell, she once again sang a song from the repertoire Valeria «Let me go».

Interesting facts

Throughout her career, the singer has been repeatedly nominated for the most prestigious awards in the field of domestic show business. She has won several awards, including the Golden Gramophone (twice), awards Music TV, ZD Awards and RU.TV. Compositions «Ocean»And«She hid in the bathroom“, At the peak of their popularity, became participants in the legendary festival”Song of the Year».

According to the official data of the service “Yandex-Music»For 2021 songs Marie Kraimbreri have been listened to more than four million times. This fact allows us to consider her one of the most popular domestic pop singers.

Personal life

Marie met her first young man in 2009. At that time she still lived in Krivoy Rog and corresponded with the future gentleman on the Internet. She soon fell in love and moved to Moscow with him. The parents objected to this turn of the daughter’s fate, but took it for granted. Soon the young people parted. The girl was painfully betrayed, and after the breakup she decided to get creative.

In 2018, there were rumors that Kraimbreri was dating the singer Vlad Sokolovsky. In preparation for the divorce, such statements were made by his wife, a singer Rita Dakota. At this time, Marie released the album “I changed my shoes». Fans were then convinced that it was based on the motives of a secret relationship with a married man. Kraimbrery personally refuted these rumors, announcing that she did not even know Sokolovsky.

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