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Makar Kasatkin does not want to communicate with his son

Evgenia Prilashkevich

March 28, 2022 13:55

Although Kasatkin and Ilona Alexandrova

photo: social networks

The son of actress Maria Shukshina, 24-year-old Makar Kasatkin, in 2019 married cosmetologist Ilona Alexandrova. The girl was not worried about the fact that in 2018 her chosen one became his father for the first time ex-lover Freya Zilber gave him a son Mark. However, Kasatkin renounced paternity for a long time.

Ilona likes to share moments from her life on her social network page. So, she posted about how to cook for her husband, and simply confessed her love for him. Alexandrova also shared a video of how she spends time with little Mark.

Kasatkin's ex-wife with his son Mark

However, recently the girl stopped publishing family videos. Ilona said that the end of 2021 was difficult for her. In an interview Starhit Alexandrova admitted that she is now free. “Markushi is not on my social networks at all because we broke up with his dad. We parted ways 10 months ago, ”said Kasatkin’s former girlfriend.

Ilona added that she continues to see Makar, although not so often. “He lives with a nanny. His father does not want to talk to him. Unfortunately, the child was unlucky with neither the biological mother nor the father. The kid is not guilty of anything! He is special, sincere and kind. I love him like my son, “the girl emphasized.

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