Maria Shukshina criticized modern art

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Maria Shukshina spoke about the future of Russia. The actress made an emotional speech when she was awarded the prize at the Figaro Awards. She was awarded the title of “Best of the best”. For this purpose, a personal nomination “For the truth in art and in life” was awarded.

Shukshina was upset that the film with her participation “Parent” did not become a winner. The actress said that the film raises the issue of drug addiction, which was “buried” for many years.

The actress is dissatisfied with the fact that nonsense films were most often discussed in the cinema. Shukshina is confident that everything will change for the better after the adoption of the presidential decree, which will strengthen traditional values.

“People are really tired of the dominance of vulgarity, sodomy, Russophobia, the heartlessness of modern art. And I believe that everything is just beginning now! ” – quotes the actress

Previously, Maria Shukshina condemned hypocritical stars of domestic show business and turned to Russian soldiers.

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