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Maria Kulikova spoke about harassment in cinema

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The actress herself faced “podkatami” on set.

Actress Maria Kulikova does not like to advertise her personal life, and if she gets into scandalous stories, few people know about them. News about her own novels causes the actress only surprise and a smile. And the fact that Kulikova has been happy with her lover Vitaly Kudryavtsev for several years, fans learned recently.

Maria Kulikova has a special attitude to the issue of harassment, which the stars now like to discuss:

“In our humble world of Russian cinema, of course, there were unpleasant” rolls “on the site. But much more often there were some mutual sympathies. In general, it feels like everyone around is completely traumatized by something and is dealing with their trauma as something grand and important. They didn’t live like that before. This is a new reality, “the actress told the portal “7Days”.

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