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Marat Basharov was hired at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater

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The other day the actor was expelled from the theater “School of Modern Play” with a scandal.

Actor Marat Basharov did not stay out of work for long. Vladimir Kekhman, the general director of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, invited the disgraced actor and even gave Basharov one of the main roles in the new play “Unexpectedly.”

Kehman noted that he was very surprised by the decision of the head of the theater “School of Modern Play” Joseph Reichelhaus to part with Basharov, according to

I want to say the following: Marat Basharov will play the lead role in the upcoming premiere of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater “Unexpectedly.” As for the character named Reichelhaus, I, as the head of the culture department of the city of Moscow, would consider it right to remove him from the post of artistic director for such an attitude towards the artist at such a time. “

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