Malkova told how the romance between her ex-husband and Makeeva actually developed

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The actress met a businessman in 2020.

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov. Photo:

The day before Svetlana Malkova created a telegram channel in which together with her fans she analyzes the relationship of her ex-husband and Anastasia Makeeva. On the platform, she publishes screenshots of correspondence, archival photos and even some statements of the actress.

Svetlana Malkova
Svetlana Malkova. Photo:

In one of them, Anastasia Makeeva told the audience about how she met Roman Malkov in the summer of 2020 and for several months did not dare to build a relationship because the man was married. The actress admitted that she asked Roman to call his then wife Svetlana and tell about everything.

Telegram channel of Svetlana Malkova
Telegram channel of Svetlana Malkova. Screenshot: Malkova

Malkova has her own version in this regard. She believes that Anastasia is just cheating on everyone.

“Lying! Didn’t perceive it for several months, how is it? In July, they met and almost immediately went to bed, as in August he had already written an SMS. I called on the speakerphone and my wife understood everything. Who did you call? How can you stand like this in front of everyone and lie. The only thing I hope is that absolutely everyone in this hall doesn’t care about her confession, “Malkova wrote.

Let’s remindAnastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov legalized their relationship in May last year.

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