Malkova made a statement about Makeeva and her ex-husband

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The abandoned woman decided not to think about the offenders.

Anastasia Makeeva decided to put an end to the dispute with Roman Malkov’s ex-wife Svetlana once and for all. The actress has created a YouTube channel, which, according to her, will soon show the whole truth about Malkova.

Svetlana, who fled to the United States, realized that it smelled fried. The ex-wife of Makeeva’s new husband decided to give back and never say anything bad about Anastasia again.

Malkova created a chat in the Telegram, where she even forbade subscribers to mention the name of the actress-divorcee and her new husband.

“In order for everyone to be comfortable in my cozy chat, I ask you to follow simple rules: only mutual respect between the interlocutors is welcome; we do not discuss the “past”, including the family, which has been talked about a lot lately; we do not give advice on raising children; a complete ban on policy discussions, ”Malkova wrote.

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