Malakhov’s return to TV turned into a loud scandal

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The TV presenter could not imagine that everything would turn out like this.

Andrei Malakhov’s first appearance on TV in the new program immediately turned into a scandal. The other day the journalist presented to the public a new program instead of the old one – “Hello, Andrei”. Apparently, the show attracted attention, because a couple of days later the scammers became more active.

Strange messages began to spread rapidly on one of the social networks, in which Malakhov allegedly asked viewers to sponsor his program, and himself promised to send greetings on paper.

It turned out later that outsiders profited from the gullibility of Malakhov’s fans.

“At the moment I don’t have a page in Odnoklassniki.” All the pages that are maintained on my behalf there are FAKI! If you see something like this, complain about the account! ” – urgently appealed to Malakhov Telegram.

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